Enjoy top experiences together

  For € 30 p/p
  3 hours of fun
  A program tailored to the group
  Various teamgames
  Minimum 10 participants

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Cooperation, ensuring each other’s safety, blindly (literally) trusting and leading each other are the key words. But the thrill of the action, the competition between them to be the winning team, also drag you away.

A packet specialy made for you

In consultation with Brandsport, a package of activities is put together tailored to the family, group, association or company. Which team can be crowned the winner of the Team Games at the end?

Teamgames Price p/p
From 10 persons €30

Excl. self-insurance.

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Or call us: +32) (0)84 411 084

Brandsport is a member of BFNO – Beroeps Federatie Natuursport Ondernemingen – Professional Federation of Nature Sports Enterprises