Paerticipate and cancelling

Subscription and payment

You can participate in activities or hire equipment via the booking system on the website, by phone or by e-mail. Only once you have received confirmation is the booking final. Payment is made upon booking via the payment programme Mollie or via bank transfer in advance, quoting the booking number. By confirming the booking, you yourself and the participants in your group are liable for the fulfilment of obligations. If there is a deposit and a balance, the balance must always be paid no later than 30 days before the start of the booking, unless stated otherwise. If the balance is not paid or not paid on time, this never means that the reservation expires and the obligation to pay is cancelled! We recommend that you take out cancellation insurance.

Cancellation by participants

As a participant, you have the right to cancel a registration. You must then take into account the following costs (unless other conditions apply due to special circumstances, e.g. government and/or municipal regulations): – up to 30 days before the start: 50% of the total amount – up to 15 days before the start: 90% of the total amount – less than 15 days before the start: the total amount. We will not charge you a cancellation fee if you arrange for a substitute yourself. In this case, you and the person taking over the booking will be jointly and severally liable for all obligations and any costs resulting from the transfer of the booking. Cancelling and/or transferring a booking must always be done in writing by registered letter. This letter must be addressed to: Brandsport, Mierchamps 15, 6980 La Roche, Belgium. The date on which this letter reaches us is decisive.

Cancellation by Brandsport

Brandsport reserves the right to cancel, interrupt or change the courses, in case of mechanical breakdown, irresponsible terrain conditions, natural influences (e.g. too low or extremely high water levels), border problems, strikes, political situations, illness or any force majeure situation. Brandsport may also cancel a programme for which the minimum number of participants was not met, up to 15 days before the start. Cancellation by us for any of the above reasons always means you will be refunded all payments made, this without entitlement to compensation. If an unforeseen change is necessary during a programme, the supervisor concerned will seek a proper alternative in consultation with Brandsport and the participants. Should it become apparent during a programme that a participant has insufficient fitness or is otherwise unable to continue the activity, Brandsport will arrange for the participant to be returned to the starting point. Any costs associated with this will be borne by the participant. There is no right to compensation or partial refund in such cases.

Code of conduct

Everyone who books with Brandsport for an activity or equipment hire is expected to comply with our guidelines, see below in the menu for the hire conditions. In case of serious violation of important agreements made, the participant in question may be excluded without entitlement to compensation and held liable for any resulting damages. As a member of various professional organisations, Brandsport subscribes to the following 10 rules of conduct, concerning: – entering nature correctly – respecting applicable regulations – protecting flora and fauna – deploying expert instructors – first aid – ensuring the necessary safety measures during the activities – using professional and high-quality materials – applying the applicable safety standards for those materials – providing the correct information – having a Civil Professional Liability Insurance towards participants.

Liability and insurance

Brandsport is insured towards participants and third parties regarding its legal professional liability as organiser of outdoor activities and equipment rental through the BFNO, our professional federation in Belgium, similar to the VeBON in the Netherlands. This insurance covers damages caused by Brandsport’s default in the aforementioned functions. Damages caused by participants to third-party property are at their own risk. Participants are liable for damages incurred by Brandsport and/or its intermediary, staff and/or representatives through his/her fault, as well as when obligations entered into are not met. Participants are obliged to comply with all mandatory travel formalities, such as valid travel documents and vaccinations. Participation is at your own risk and each participant is obliged to cover possible risks himself. These include a well-covering health insurance, an appropriate travel insurance that covers the activities one will participate in, and cancellation insurance; click here for NL and here for Belgium. Participants should also ensure they have proper personal equipment. Participants in a programme involving contact with water should be able to swim well. Independent participation is possible for anyone aged 16 and over. Participants younger than 16 years old can participate, provided parent(s) and/or caregiver(s) are present.


If, despite all our good precautions, you believe you have a complaint, we ask you to make it known to your supervisor directly on site if possible. If this is impossible or no satisfactory solution has been found, the complaint should be reported in writing, stating reasons, to our address in Belgium within 14 days of the end of the activity. We will then try to find a satisfactory solution together with the persons concerned.


For almost all activities, we do not provide outward or return travel unless explicitly stated otherwise. People who want to come by public transport can be informed about the possibilities. We can help you ‘carpool’.

Rental conditions

We hope you enjoy using our high-quality equipment. The equipment is regularly renewed and maintained after each use. Only with your cooperation can we jointly ensure that everything remains in good condition. By agreeing to the booking/reservation you undertake to comply with the following:

1. You are responsible to the lessor for the rented equipment.

2. Before the start of the rental period, count all the materials to check whether the numbers correspond with those noted on the rental agreement. If this is not the case, report this immediately to the lessor so that a correction can be made. It is not possible to do this after the rental period.

3. During the use of the rented materials, you must ensure that everything is used with the utmost care so that no damage occurs other than the wear and tear that can be seen during normal use. This is at the discretion of the lessor.

4. Payment of the rental amount due shall be made before the start of the rental period. Restitution of funds for rented but unused equipment cannot take place.

5. If the rented equipment is lost or damaged, you must immediately report the event to the lessor. In case of loss, you shall pay the new price for a replacement and, in case of repairable damage, a compensation determined by the lessor. Damage that is not reported and damage caused to third parties can still be recovered from the lessee after the rental period.

6. The hirer must provide adequate insurance and personally undertakes to pay any damage immediately and in full to the lessor.

7. Brandsport has a company third-party insurance policy that covers damage caused by unsound equipment due to negligent maintenance. This is at the discretion of the expert of the technical examination to determine the alleged defectiveness. Damage caused by material and/or manufacturing defects shall be borne by the manufacturer.

8. At the end of the rental period, all materials shall be returned washed clean on the last rental day no later than 18:00. The returned materials are checked together with the lessor. Missing or defective equipment will be paid for immediately.

9. If you wish to rent the rented material for longer than the previously agreed period, you must ask the lessor for permission immediately. In this case, the additional fee due will be paid upon return of the material.

10. If the rented equipment is returned later than agreed without the landlord’s consent, the applicable additional number of days will be charged and paid immediately upon return of the equipment.

11. We ask you to respect the following rules of conduct and to pass them on to your fellow athletes, if any. These rules have been drawn up by the BFNO, the Professional Federation for Nature Sports Entrepreneurs, and are also endorsed by VeBON, the Association of Outdoor Sports Enterprises Netherlands.

Codes of conduct when in nature

• Respect nature: do not leave rubbish behind.

• Respect protected Nature Reserves: Avoid damaging vegetation and disturbing animals.

• Respect for other nature users: Give appropriate priority, such as mountain bikers to hikers and boaters to fishermen, for example. Avoid noisy behaviour and overcrowding of the area in question.

• Respect for property: Avoid trespassing on private land without permission.

Compliance with regulations

Respect applicable local regulations and make yourself aware of them. Ask permission from the person in charge where necessary. Camp and spend the night only in authorised places. Be considerate of local people, respect local customs, habits and language: Belgium is a mainly bilingual country where people in Wallonia speak only French and those in Flanders speak only Flemish. So people are not bilingual, with exceptions. Always try to remain friendly, even if the other person is not: you are a guest and in the end you often achieve much more by doing so. Don’t insist on any perceived rights but remain tactful. Change clothes as much as possible in a sheltered and unseen way. Park the car in such a way that nobody can be bothered.


Always take the necessary preventive safety measures applicable to the sports you will be playing. 
Follow given instructions, use good and safe equipment and provide expert guidance.

Travel insurance

Each participant is obliged to ensure proper travel insurance.

Check with your own insurance agent beforehand whether all the sports you are going to participate in are covered by your insurance. Insurance always wants to know whether you will participate in so-called ‘dangerous’ sports as a beginner or advanced. In most cases, this will be the beginner level; that is often included in the basic insurance. If this is not the case, make sure you have supplementary insurance. If this supplement is not possible via your own insurance, you can arrange it online here for NL and Belgium

Partners & Links

Partners Brandsport Teambuilding Adventures


Barbecues, multi-course menus, luxury catering, exclusive theme dinners, catering for groups (various budgets); ‘outdoor’ catering outside on location following an activity, luxury ‘outdoor’ restaurant under a magnificent tent especially for your event!

Brandsport arranges it for you with the right partner, ask us about the possibilities.

Campsites near Brandsport

Camping Benelux at La Roche

Camping de l’Ourthe at La Roche

Camping Pont de Berguême at Tenneville,  8 km from Brandsport

Bed & Breakfast

Al Bonne Cinse at Cense, at 4 km from Brandsport, catering possible

Villa Le Monde at La Roche, meals available

Les Moineaux at Maboge, multiple 2p rooms

La Fermette Blanche   at Nadrin, 4 2-p rooms

Maison des Amis at Hives, near La Roche,  max. 12 personen

Gai Séjour half way between La Roche and Brandsport

Group accommodation

La Laiterie, inn and beating heart of Brandsport, just outside the village of Mierchamps, located 7 km from La Roche-en-Ardenne in the woods.

Landgoed Le Hérou spacious country house with huge park on the edge of the forest, 13 rooms for 39 adults, dormitory for 21 persons; extra beds for children possible

Le Hérou in La Roche-en-Ardenne, close to Brandsport’s activity sites

Le Relais de la Forge spacious holiday home for up to 22 people in the village of Cielle

Het Avonturenhuis spacious accommodation with dormitories and good beds, large garden

Villa les Bains in Gênes about 10 km from Brandsport, 4-star villa for 33 people with swimming pool and sauna

Vakantiehuis La Residence in the village of Wembay, 8 km from Brandsport, accommodation with plenty of room for 29 people

Jeugdherberg Champlon, in Champlon 6 km from Brandsport

Ardennes Etape, villas for rent near La Roche-en-Ardenne, activities at Brandsport

Smaller hotels

Hotel Villa Les Olivettes near La Roche, close to Brandsport’s activity sites

Hotel Le Strument near La Roche, some spacious rooms, campsite and restaurant

Larger hotels with business facilities

Floreal Club in La Roche-en-Ardenne close to Brandsport’s activity sites

Ol Fosse d’Outh- Vayamundo near Houffalize; Brandsport also provides tailor-made programmes on site



1. What is the best way to book and enquire?

Information, reservations and direct bookings can be made via the website. For overnight stays, it is best to contact us by phone or e-mail. That way you will quickly know what the possibilities are. You can ask for a no-obligation option, so that you have some time to discuss with your supporters. Always leave a telephone/mobile phone number so that we can easily reach you for consultation. Do you have other questions? Our staff will be happy to answer them!

2. I cannot send the quotation or information request. What am I doing wrong?

Make sure all mandatory fields marked with an asterisk are filled in correctly before clicking ‘submit’.

3. Is it necessary to make reservations?

If you want to avoid disappointment, it is best to book or reserve in advance. Some periods (holidays, holidays) are particularly busy and also cause a lot of ‘loose arrivals’. If you want to make sure there is a mountain bike for you because you are late due to traffic jams, it is best to book in advance. Once you have confirmed the reservation, we will send you a written confirmation and your reservation is confirmed. From that moment on, the general terms and conditions apply.

4. Is there a minimum number of participants per activity?

For the guided (half-day) activities, the minimum is 10 people, for a weekend at our Inn La Laiterie it is 8 people. We combine groups smaller than 8 by mutual agreement, in order to meet the minimum number and allow the activity to go ahead.

5. Can I pay by debit or credit card on site?

No, unfortunately not. We work in many different locations and we do not have the possibility to pay electronically on site. Please pay in advance via bank or cash on site.

6. What are the times for activities and rental of materials?

You can rent materials at the Laiterie from 9 a.m. and at our shop in La Roche (opposite the tourist office) from 9.30 a.m. The rented materials must be returned by 5.45 pm. For guided activities, the following times apply: from 09.45 to 13.00 and from 13.45 to about 17.00.

7. Are there special rates for schools and companies?

We have special rates for management training and school work weeks; please request a quote or customised proposal for your programme.

8. Is Brandsport open every day?

We can be reached by phone daily in the high season, from November to March on Tuesdays to Fridays. Our mail is checked at least on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays during that period. The shop in LaRoche is open every weekend and public holidays from April to October; even every day in July and August! Pre-booked activities are of course available on any day throughout the year.

9. Can I cancel free of charge?

This depends on the arrangements and the time frame for cancellation. When we book an activity, we set the arrangements and reserve our instructors and materials for your programme. Our conditions for cancellations are in the terms and conditions. Therefore, always take out cancellation insurance.

10. Am I insured for participating in the activities?

No, not automatically; most people already have current insurance policies of their own that have very different coverages. Should your own insurance not cover all activities, from NL you can go well with Elvia. For Belgium: Mondial Assistance. You are always obliged to take care of proper insurance yourself. Should anything happen due to Brandsport’s fault, equipment breakdown or human error on the part of the instructor, Brandsport’s professional liability insurance taken out through BFNO the Beroeps Federatie voor Natuur Ondernemingen comes into effect. BFNO is similar to VeBON in the Netherlands.

11. When I stay at Auberge La Laiterie, do other people stay there?
Yes, you normally do; a cosy way to get to know other ‘outdoor’ people. You can also rent Herberg La Laiterie exclusively: you then pay a fixed amount and use that to rent the entire accommodation. In that case, no other groups except the Brandsport staff stay in the house. For company training courses, we make tailor-made arrangements.

Is your question not here? Then ask it here.