Bushcraft in the Ardennes “Back to Nature”

Learn to live and survive in and with nature

 Learn the skills to survive
 Wild picking food and preparing a meal on a selfmade fire
  Safety first, expert instructors
  3 hours of adventure, or even more
  For everyone from 7 years and older
  More than 30 years of experience in outdoor activities
  Become a survival specialist!
  From € 45    Book directly


Call for more information:

+32 (0)84 – 411 084

Our inn “La Laiterie” is located in the middle of the Ardennes and is the starting point for the bushcraft. Under the guidance of our bushcraft specialist, you will go into the forest to make your own fire, look for eatable plants and prepare a meal. Put your phone away, you’re really going back to basics now. You learn the elementary skills to survive in and with nature. Collaboration is crucial, many skills are covered: dealing with knives, making a fire without a lighter, recognizing eatable plants, etc…

This activity can last half a day (3 hours) but can also be extended to a whole day or even with an overnight stay in a self-built shelter.

Adventurous and educational for everyone

For bushcraft, you do not need to be a sporting hero; the activity requires limited physical exertion, which is precisely why it is so suitable for young and old, for groups of mixed physical levels. Families with children of different ages, groups of friends or company teams; everyone can join in!

Children can participate independently if they are at least 10 years old, from 7 years onwards they have to be accompanied by an adult.

Make your own choice

Bushcraft can be a perfect part of a varied outdoor sports programme. For schools and companies, it is an instructive change from more sporty activities such as our climbing forest, mountain biking, kayaking or rock climbing. The challenge is your personal choice; we can tailor the level and duration of bushcraft to your needs. Will it be a first introduction to skills needed to survive in nature or will you go all the way and build your own shelter with materials from the forest to spend the night in? Safety is 100% in order at every level and guaranteed by expert guidance and use of certified materials.

Start times

The dates are online and become visible in the booking menu, the start times are at 9.30am and 2pm. Outside these opportunities, it is smart to call: (0032)(0)84-411084.

Learn to survive in nature, book directly

Advantages of booking: you avoid running out of space, save time and have more choice.

Bushcraft Price pp
half-day, including Bushcraft lunch €45
whole day, including Bushcraft lunch €85

Excluding self-insurance.

With overnight stay in self-made shelter Price pp
Bushcraft Extreme: 1 night including Bushcraft lunch and breakfast € 135

Excluding self-insurance.

Good to know
The activity will be guided by a bushcraft specialist who will watch over your safety.
You don’t need any special strength or personal fitness to participate.
Brandsport is lid van BFNO – Beroeps Federatie Natuursport Ondernemingen