Coaching with horses


The horse as a mirror

A team workshop on collaboration, leadership and communication!

Leadership, communication and collaboration as a team are defining indicators of the success of any organisation. However, many leaders have limited awareness of their collaboration and leadership style as well as the patterns in their communication and body language. A greater understanding of this style and unconscious patterns provides a powerful impetus for personal development and better cooperation.

There is probably no more effective tool for achieving insight than that of direct feedback. And then not just given by another person, who often comes to a modified or toned-down feedback from socially desirable behaviour. But by a medium that is free from this understandable tendency and offers the feedback in its purest form; direct, without detours and language adjustments and from behaviour.

Horses possess this ability like no other, and in their interaction with people, they offer us a rich arsenal of reflection on our behaviour, communication, leadership and cooperation.

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