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Working week schools

Keywords & objectives

Facing challenges – Working together – Respect – Adventure – Improvisation – Awareness – Accepting differences – Pushing boundaries – Independence – Personality growth – Confrontations – Taking responsibility – Group process

That’s where we all want to go with the students! During the programmes offered by Brandsport, we can address all kinds of themes through the activities. In consultation with you, the teacher/school, we determine where the emphasis will lie and put together a tailor-made working week.


You naturally like to see that a class or group can work well together, that there is a respectful atmosphere. Brandsport gives you the opportunity to start the school year with a head start.

Added value

During the work week you organise with us, pupils learn, among other things, to get along better with each other and work together. By putting pupils in situations where they need each other, mutual acceptance will happen faster.


Thus, pupils come out of a school work week richer and you start working with them with a huge head start. After all, you gather a wealth of information about the pupils in a much shorter time than would be possible at school! Both about the pupil as an individual, and also about the group processes that may or may not be at play. With that information, you can arrive at proper guidance much faster and more concretely.


The arrangements can be adapted to your wishes in all kinds of ways, Brandsport is flexible: if, for example, you organise the camp yourself, you only need us for the activities. You can take care of the meals yourself, or have us do it for you. Besides working weeks, 1-day packages and other programmes are also possible.




Looking for more content for the next joint trip? Brandsport offers a wide variety of activities in which any association or scout group is bound to find some fun and attractive activities to add value to its annual trip.

Whether you want to keep it relaxed with an afternoon of archery, go on an orientation trip through the woods, seek adventure and exertion with a mountain bike ride or by climbing and zip-lining in our climbing forest; there is something for everyone! An adventurous canoe trip is also one of the possibilities. Take a look at our activities for more information.

Discover the advantages when booking larger numbers and ask our staff for discounts, special prices and other information!




Hostel La Laiterie

Our cosy inn La Laiterie is located in the middle of nature, outside a small village consisting of a few farms. Activity locations are in the immediate vicinity; so little transport is needed! Besides the sleeping quarters and sanitary facilities, there is also a ‘drying room’ for drying clothes and materials. Food is served in the dayroom and there is a cosy bar that you can use as you like; a good opportunity to hold parties informally.


Sleeping one or more nights in a small tented camp or learning to make a real bivouac is also possible. The accommodation is then built yourself and cooking is done on a homemade wood fire (working together, improvising, taking responsibility, etc).




Depending on the budget and in consultation with us, you choose the activities. These will be turned into a good programme by Brandsport. We ensure optimal planning! Possibilities: kayaking on the Ourthe, rock climbing & abseiling, climbing in our climbing forest, mountain biking, orienteering with map and compass, archery, hikes in the area and all kinds of special assignments tailored to your needs.



If desired and required, Brandsport will also provide transport for the group on site. Transport to and from the Ardennes is not provided by us. We recommend each group to have at least 1 own vehicle on site for shopping, doctor etc.



Adventure Hike

The total group is divided into smaller groups that spend a week travelling around together, sleeping in different locations and doing adventure activities.

Sample programme: Monday arrival during the morning; canoe trip on the Ourthe, overnight at bivouac site. Tuesday orientation trip, climbing & abseiling, overnight at hostel. Wednesday mountain biking and caving, overnight at other bivouac site. Thursday Forest Rope Adventures and Hike, overnight at hostel. Friday clean up and departure.