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About Brandsport

Brandsport has an established quality reputation since 1981 !

Brandsport organises sporty and challenging outdoor activities, where relaxation and conviviality come first. The emphasis is on personality, quality and small scale; small groups, good supervision, excellent materials and sophisticated activity locations.

We work from our cosy, Ardennes inn La Laiterie in Mierchamps, near La Roche-en-Ardenne. A beautiful setting in the heart of the Ardennes; hills, forests and deep valleys with fast-flowing streams and rivers.

Our team consists of enthusiastic, knowledgeable and experienced ‘permanent’ staff and a group of freelancers. Together, we will give you a great time at Brandsport!

Buitensport bij Brandsport


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Kajakken in de Ardennen


Brandsport is looking for enthusiastic and motivated outdoor sports instructors and trainees to join our team full-time/part-time; from MBO and HBO courses such as ALO, CIOS, ROC, SCW, SRAW and CMV with recreation.



We have many possibilities for interns on an ongoing basis. Contact us if you are interested in joining Brandsport as an intern.


Full- & part-time outdoor sports instructors

– enthusiastic
– spontaneous
– sporty
– flexible
– independent
– you have knowledge of outdoor sports equipment & safety procedures
– extensive work experience in outdoor sports is an advantage
– you are in possession of one of the above qualifications or similar
– you are technical and in addition to supervision you also want to help realise new activities
– you strive to please people
– You are a team player and can animate
– You have no 9-17 mentality
– You have a great sense of responsibility
– In possession of driving licence B (or BE) and possibly D
– You have your own transport
– you do not live far from the Ardennes or are willing to come here
– you have a command of Dutch, English and a minimum of French

Job description: As an outdoor sports instructor, you will be involved in preparing, carrying out and evaluating outdoor sports activities. You are also deployable in various other parts of the company such as maintenance work, improving activity locations, supervising trainees and new colleagues.


Brandsport offers you:

• a good and pleasant place to work
• very varied work in changing seasons
• a salary according to collective labour agreement, based on experience, education and age
• reimbursement of your travel expenses

Have you become enthusiastic after reading this vacancy? Send us your letter with CV by e-mail to info@brandsport.be.
Would you like more information? Call the office (0032)(0) 844 110 84

Enthousiaste instructeurs van Brandsport


Lenie Krijgsman

Lenie is general manager, partner-owner of Brandsport and is mainly concerned with the organisational side of the company, the programmes, PR, personnel matters, bookkeeping and the representation of the interests of the ‘outdoor’ industry towards governments through the trade federations BFNO, VeBON, FLKB, WANT… in short, everything necessary to manage the company.

In 1986, Lenie settled with Frank in the Ardennes in inn La Laiterie where you can stay.

Background: after graduating from the Academy for Movement Education CALO in 1978, 10 active years followed as a secondary school teacher in Arnhem and the Achterhoek region. While working in the Ardennes, the interest in people, their passions and motivations, and the contact with horses invited further development as a coach and horse coach, for which the necessary training courses were followed.

Lenie also enjoys guiding forest rides with horses and is specialised in coaching with horses and developing teambuilding workshops for companies using the horse as a mirror.

Contact Lenie


Frank van den Brand

As a partner co-owner, Frank is the technical director of Brandsport and deals mainly with all technical matters within the company: activity locations, materials, vehicles, building maintenance etc….

Frank founded Brandsport in 1981. Initially building polyester kayaks, Frank set up in 1986 with Lenie in the Ardennes at hostel La Laiterie, where you can stay.

From an early age, Frank sailed slalom races in his kayak. Several times he was Dutch and, in 1978, Benelux champion. During this period, he undertook his first whitewater expeditions to places such as Nepal and Morocco. This was later followed by Spain, Chile, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Zimbabwe and Uganda.

Frank is not only Brandsport’s wild water kayak specialist, but is also involved in developing activities, keeping our activity locations, materials and technical installations up-to-date.

Contact Frank

Why Brandsport

We work personally & safely
Brandsport emphasises personal, safe, quality and small-scale work; we are here for you!
We have excellent materials
We work with excellent materials and at sophisticated activity locations; all owned and therefore fully deployable for your programme.
We offer activities for every target group
You can join us as a company, group of friends, family, school, association, private individual….
There is something for everyone
You can come to us for relaxation, fun, team building, training, action, adventure…
Brandsport is located in a beautifal setting
In the heart of the Ardennes; hills, forests, deep valleys with fast-flowing streams and rivers…
We respect nature
We work with respect for nature and choose sustainability.
We work with certified instructors
Our certified instructors are great guides and tune into you as a participant. Together, we will give you a great time at Brandsport!
We comply with all safety standards
Our materials and activity locations meet all safety standards.
We are members of professional federations
Brandsport is an active member of professional federations in Belgium, such as BFNO and WANT, similar to VeBON.
You can stay with us
For a cosy stay, use our hostel LA LAITERIE in Mierchamps, a small village near La Roch-en-Ardenne.
We can also arrange other lodging locations
We have excellent cooperation with providers of hotels, holiday homes and campsites in the region.
We have been around for 40 years
Brandsport puts all its accumulated experience and expertise to work for you.

Stefaan Vanoverbeeck

On behalf of all sporty Vanoverbeeckskeskes, I would like to thank you once again for the super-service and friendly welcome. Thanks for changing a few boats without grumbling, exchanging broken bikes during the afternoon, and providing a dry picnic area. There are many who could take an example from you.

Mark Beckers

Brandsport was very flexible didn’t matter if we took 1 or 6 hours. And was also very well organised.


Lovely outdoor ride. Especially saddling and grooming the horses ourselves made it an afternoon filling programme. Brandsport was very flexible did not care whether we took 1 or 6 hours. And was also very well organised.


Last week, I went on a forest ride with my daughter with Lenie and her Icelanders. What a super horse ride, definitely worth repeating. By the way, my daughter really enjoyed being allowed to groom the horses too.


Fun outdoor activities. Good instructors who explain clearly. I felt safe up there in the forest. Had very fun experience! Was the climbing forest so.

Katja Mooij

the Ardennes are more fun than I thought. the weather was a bit chilly but that didn’t matter because there was more than enough to do. Rock climbing was a favourite with the boys, very exciting.