Floating in a boat on the Ourthe with a bunch of friends. Through the beautiful countryside of the Ardennes. At the campsites you pass, BBQs are prepared, a fisherman casts his fishing rod. Truly the epitome of relaxation. Or of exertion if you get serious and give ‘gas’. Afterwards, a nice Belgian beer on one of La Roche-en-Ardenne’s terraces completes it all. And also sitting by the campfire in the evening, telling tall tales and then crawling into your sleeping bag at La Laiterie, Brandsport’s home base. That makes the Ardennes experience more than complete.

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But what is it really? Kayaking, canoeing, paddling or rowing?

That depends on the paddle you have in your hands: there are single-bladed and double-bladed paddles. Apart from exceptions, this type of paddle is used to sail an (open) canoe, also known as a canadian. With the double-blade paddle, equipped with a blade on both sides of the handle, the kayak is sailed.
There are still two main differences between canoeing (canoeing) and kayaking: shape and seating position. The kayak is closed at the top and equipped with a cockpit. In it, you sit flat on your buttocks with both legs facing forward, nose in the direction of navigation and sail with double-bladed paddle. The canoe (open canoe or Canadian) is open at the top, you sit upright (and higher) on a bench, or you sail kneeling.

So enjoy kayaking with Brandsport! But if you call it canoeing, paddling or rowing, that’s fine by us too.


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