Team building: it is a concept that has become increasingly popular in recent years. And this is not surprising, as the crisis has forced many companies to go through reorganisation. New teams are constantly being created, new managers are coming in and staff need to get to know each other in a different role. A team-building day can help with that.

Goals for a team building day

A team building day can be used for a variety of purposes. Examples include:

– Improve cooperation and internal communication
– Improve working atmosphere
– Initiating cultural change
– Working more efficiently within the organisation

To achieve these goals, you will carry out assignments together. This is how you learn to work well together, but also how best to approach and motivate your colleagues.

What does a team building day look like?

Team building activities come in many shapes and sizes. As Brandsport is based in the Ardennes, we particularly focus on activities in nature. For example, you can use primitive materials to build a bridge to cross a river. Or you just set off with a compass and map and try to find a way through the dense woods together. You get to work outdoors and the beautiful surroundings really take you out of the working atmosphere. Want to know more about our offer? Teambuilding Ardennes.

What should you consider when planning a team building day?

The most common mistake made when planning a team building day is having too busy a programme. Your employees should remember the activity with a good feeling and not feel that they had to rush everything. Therefore, focus on one or two activities rather than a full day’s programme. The objective should also be clear to everyone. Nothing more annoying than when your employees are constantly wondering what the point of the activity is. Make sure everyone knows in advance what the programme is and why it is important to participate.

Tailor-made programme – team building Ardennes

Choosing the right activity for your team building day is essential. After all, you are organising the outing with a purpose. Brandsport therefore offers a custom programme. This is sure to make your team building day a success!


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