Hotton vanop L'Ile de l'Oneux aan de Ourthe.

Ever heard of Hotton?

For many people, hiking in the Ardennes is the activity of choice. Over the hills, through the valley, in the forest or next to the river. Or better: through the valley, in the forest next to the river! You can organise a hike and spend several days walking in nature. But you can also stroll through the streets of picturesque villages and then finish on a cosy terrace. There are plenty of such villages, such as Durbuy, Bouillon or our favourite: La Roche-en-Ardenne. A not too well-known village is Hotton.

Hotton is split by the river Ourthe but is connected in the centre by a bridge. The bridge was blown up during World War II to stop the Germans’ advance. However, the bridge had such a sturdy metal frame that it could not be completely submerged in the Ourthe. This allowed the Germans to still cross the river. Long afterwards, the bridge provided access for the Americans to chase the Germans out again and has recently been renovated. In Hotton you will of course also find nice shops, cafés and restaurants but feel free to take a picnic too. The Ourthe splits briefly before entering the village, creating an island. Activities are often organised here; a large playground for the little ones is not lacking either. Hotton is about 25 minutes by car from our hostel “La Laiterie”.

Royal Syndicat d'Initiative ASBL. Toeristische dienst. Hotton

Tip: Rent a bike from Brandsport and you’ll be in Hotton in a good hour. There is a route that takes you first to La Roche-en-Ardenne after which you can follow the RAVeL, a cycling and hiking trail, along the Ourthe to Hotton.

Carnival in Hotton

Hotton hosts carnival from 15 to 17 April. Carnival is a big happening in Wallonia as it is in many places. To spread the party fun a bit, not every village celebrates Carnival on the same weekend. In La Roche we have already had Carnival in March, so we can all go down to Hotton. There are activities for young and old all weekend long. So don’t hesitate to drop by if you’re in the area!

Night hike in Hotton

The Ourthe forms an important part of Hotton, it is the ideal place to go swimming in warm temperatures, the green banks lend themselves perfectly as a “beach” and there is always something to do during the day. However, that does not mean that once it gets dark, life comes to a standstill. On the 16th of April, there is an evening/night walk organised by Riveo. This will involve joining a guide along the watercourse to take a look at what goes on along the banks once the sun has disappeared behind the hills. Who knows, you might even come across some bats!

Marche ADEPS

As usual, you can end Sunday with a walk organised by ADEPS, for more information you can check our site. This weekend you can have a walk the municipalities of Durbuy, Manhay and Libramont.

Info and prices:

Tourism Office Hotton

Carnival Hotton: 3 days of festivities, entrance mostly free

Night walk Hotton: Via Riveo, from 8pm to 10pm. Rate: 7€/adult – 5€/child (3-12 years) – By reservation.

Marche Adeps: Municipalities of Durbuy, Manhay and Libramont. Free entry