The wind along your face, the nature around you and the swell of the water moving your kayak up and down. Nothing beats the feeling you get when paddling your kayak down the Ourthe in the Ardennes. Kayaking, something you must have done once.

Cruising with a kayak champion?

I have been guiding people through adventure with my own outdoor sports and kayak rental business since 1981. Starting with courses and later with kayak weekends, I teach young and old how to tame the Ourthe with your kayak. As a former Benelux champion, I know better than anyone how fun and exciting this can be.
In Belgian Luxembourg, the Ourthe has 9 interesting stretches to navigate, from Nisramont to Barvaux-sur-Ourthe. All stretches are worthwhile, with their enchanting meanders, small rapids, picturesque villages and picnic spots.

Highlights from the water

On the way, you will encounter quite a few highlights: the enormous rock face of the Hérou near the village of Nadrin, the rapids of Les Ondes, entering the old town of La Roche-en-Ardenne with its dominating castle ruins, Hotton with its caves, whose underground water flows into the Ourthe, the beautiful surroundings of Deulin, and of course the romantic streets of Durbuy, the ‘smallest city in the world’.

Also special is the nature you can admire from your boat. The Ourthe valley is covered with deciduous and coniferous forests, interspersed with meadows where woolly calves graze happily. With a bit of luck, you will see a kingfisher, a heron, blue dragonflies, crayfish or even a beaver! The small rapids complete this magnificent spectacle and add the necessary excitement to the trip.


A kayaking adventure is for everyone

You have the opportunity to explore the Ardennes from the water both on your own and with a company. And if you like it, I will gladly give you or your party personal guidance. After years of professional and recreational kayaking in the Ardennes, I know the area like no other.

A kayaking adventure is possible every day with Brandsport. But beware, opening hours may change in bad weather or in the off-season.

You can find more information on our page Kayaking in the Ardennes. Here you can find the prices and locations of the kayak trips and make a reservation. You can also give me a call or email me for personal advice: +32 (0)84 411 084 Frank