A visit to the Belgian Ardennes guarantees an adventurous holiday. Whether you like kayaking, mountain biking, rock climbing or abseiling; everything is possible. In the picture our ‘Inn La Laiterie’ The beautiful countryside, magnificent forests and nostalgic villages provide a complete experience of this region. There are plenty of options for your stay. At Brandsport,  […]

The wind along your face, the nature around you and the swell of the water moving your kayak up and down. Nothing beats the feeling you get when paddling your kayak down the Ourthe in the Ardennes. Kayaking, something you must have done once. Cruising with a kayak champion? I have been guiding people through […]

Put on your stiffest boots, throw your rucksack over your shoulder and prepare for a cool trip through nature with Brandsport. Spring has started again and that means the Ardennes is waking up. Weekend Ardennes As the trees shake off the last remnants of winter and the first warm rays of sunlight glide across the […]

Looking for something a little different for this May holiday? Then consider the Ardennes. In the Ardennes, you can not only enjoy the peace and nature. You can also find a fun and varied activity programme. In this blog we will inspire you with all the fun things the Ardennes has to offer! Inspiration for […]

In the digital world we live in, where we are constantly connected to work, family and friends, stress is a common problem. Being connected brings many advantages, but also disadvantages. A good way to escape this is to ‘disconnect’ from time to time and enjoy the outdoors. We hope this blog will motivate you to […]

Nog een gezellig vrienden- of familieweekend op de planning staan deze zomer? Wij hebben het perfecte idee voor je! An excellent weekend in the Ardennes In the Ardennes, any friends/family group can have a great weekend. There is something for everyone; quite handy if you come with a group full of different personalities. You will […]

Lovely kayaking with this heat! All rivers in the Ardennes are closed due to the drought, but at Brandsport you can kayak on a dammed up section of the Ourthe, which meanders in a beautiful, deep and green valley in the nature park. This way, you can still enjoy the beautiful nature while bobbing on […]

Are you in the Ardennes this summer? Then you must have been to La Roche-en-Ardenne! As locals, connoisseurs and lovers of the Ardennes region, we give you the 7 best tips for an unforgettable visit to La Roche-en-Ardenne. La Roche-en-Ardenne is a charming little town in the heart of the Belgian Ardennes with a great […]

The Ardennes have great appeal for holidaymakers. Logical of course, it is so close to home, and yet it is so different. We list all the reasons why a visit to the Ardennes really should not be missed. 1) Unwind in beautiful nature In the Netherlands, everywhere you look there are people, even in nature. […]

Who doesn’t love the feeling of taking on the world? The energy rushes through your body, you feel super strong and all your senses are on edge. Exactly; the feeling of a big adrenaline boost. Want to feel the adrenaline rush through your body for a whole weekend? Then go for a weekend in the […]