Walking in nature

Spring is almost half over and we are walking on towards summer. In the meantime, don’t forget to stop and enjoy the beautiful nature once in a while. For example, the nature in our Belgian Ardennes. The leaves grow bigger and bigger and colour the hills all green again. The interplay with the sun creates beautiful scenes.


Jogging “La Damzelle”

Do you have a hard time standing still? Do you prefer to enjoy nature at pace? In Amonines, municipality of Erezée, you can join a jog called “La Damzelle” on Saturday 13 May. This jogging is part of the Challenge Famenne-Ardenne. These are a series of friendly running challenges in the Famenne-Ardenne region. The nice thing about these challenges is that races are also provided for the children. If you want to participate, it is best to register in advance, as it will be just a bit cheaper than on the day itself.

Cens’Trail Tenneville

Close to our hostel in Mierchamps is the village of Cens. There, they have teamed up with the “Centre Sportif” and the Tenneville football club to organise a trail. There are three distances for enthusiasts. You can run 10, 15 or 26 kilometres. Walkers are welcome to complete the 10-kilometre course. This will also take place on Saturday 13 May from 5pm.

Mother’s day

In Belgium and the Netherlands, we celebrate Mother’s Day this year on 14 May. The perfect time to send mum out of the house and surprise her with presents on her return! A good excuse to get her out of the house? How about a Marche ADEPS? Mum can join her friends in Rendeux on 14 May for a nice, quiet walk. This will give plenty of time to decorate the house and get some surprises ready. All that remains is for you to think of what you want to surprise mum with!


Prices and info

Jogging Amonines: Amonines, municipality of Erezée, 13 May. Pre-registration 5€, registration day itself 8€
Cens’Trail: Cens, municipality of Tenneville, 13 May. Price depends on the distance: 7€, 9€ or 11€
Marche ADEPS: Rendeux, 14 May, participation is free